Monday, July 1, 2019

Dufferin Terrace and the Plains of Abraham

From 9:00 am to 10:15 pm


On July 1st 2019, let’s celebrate our beautiful country together with joy and pride. Let’s be proud of our country, our values, and what we representant collectively. WE are Canada! For its 152nd anniversary, let’s wear our colours and celebrate grandly! On the program we have energising activities, ceremonies, 4 stages, many family-friendly challenges, a show in the evening, and of course: fireworks. Everything is planned so that everyone, big or small, can remember this day forever.

Canada day schedule in Québec city

Together we train – Morning entertainment

Behind the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

From 9:00 am to 12 :00 pm

Morning workout

Nothing better to start off your day than to break out a sweat! Let our trainer wake up your body and your mind! People of all ages are welcome to join the session and start the festivities on the right foot!


For our dodgeball fans missing this incredible sport, time to come and throw the ball! This time, you can eliminate your opponent with more than one ball at once. Will you be able to dodge the attacks? Let the game begin!

Together, on the same foot – Mass and official ceremony

Basilica-cathedral of Notre-Dame de Québec and Dufferin Terrace

10:00 am at the Basilica-cathedral Notre-Dame de Québec


Special mass in honor of Canada Day.

11:40 am at Dufferin terrace

Official ceremony

The official flag raising ceremony by the 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment.
Dignitaries and welcoming speech.

12 :00 pm at Dufferin terrace

Cake – Happy Birthday Canada

Cake will be served by the Fairmont – Château Frontenac after the Official ceremony.

Together, we are spectacular – Show on stage

Plains of Abraham – Family-friendly area

Big stage

12:30 pm

Atchoum’s perfect challenge

Atchoum adores when his inventor father surprises him!

His father decided to hide a few things in his set. Atchoum’s mission: finding all the objects and remembering the stories attached to each of his findings! It’s the perfect challenge for Atchoum who loves to play the guessing game.

2:00 pm

Singalong with Caillou

Caillou, Clementine, Léo, and Mommy concocted a special music show for you! This new scenic adventure will have magic tricks, high-energy choreographies, and great music. Let’s not forget about Mousseline et Gilbert who cannot wait to dance and sing with you all. Let the show begin!

3:30 pm

Abeille Beausoleil and the four saisons

With original and catchy music, the show “Abeille and the four seasons” offers a trip around the Canadian seasons. This lively and amusing show will instantly make you want to sing and dance! Welcome into Abeille Beausoleil’s universe!

Small stage

12:00 pm

Musical Circus

Entrer this imaginary world! This kooky and incredibly talented circus performer will surely impress you! He will meet your highest expectations and surprise you with all his tricks, juggling skills, and charisma!

1:00 pm

Ethnic dance with Centre R.I.R.E 2000

2:00 pm

Naomi Turcotte – La Voix Junior contestant

Naomi Turcotte is a 16 year old singer. Lover of theatre and music, she offers a highly emotional performance. Let yourself be conquered by this young artist’s talent while she shares her work with you all.

3:00 pm

Dance with Collectif Culturel Mondo

4:00 pm

Beyond lunar rays

After receiving this message on her E2pZ screen, Captain Pad’pânik is heading towards adventure and will soon land into the defenceless World of Crokboud’choux. Her mission: protect every child on Earth by recruiting them on her newest superhero crew.

Bouge-Découvre stage

Use up some of that energy while having fun on the Bouge-Découvre stage! Our professional artists will know how to motivate you to shake your groove thing! Let’s move!

12:00 pm – Bouge’O’Max

1:00 pm – Djembé Québec

2:00 pm – Bouge’O’Max

3:00 pm – Pound featuring Studio Rebel

4:00 pm – Lab’O’Truc featuring Sciences en Folie

Together, we have a great time – Activities segment

Plains of Abraham – Family site 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Tiny farm and poney rides

Come and enjoy life’s simplest pleasures at the tiny farm and ride the poney on the Plains of Abraham.

Inflatable attractions

Many available playgrounds for kids will be on site! All tiny adventurers are welcome to join the fun!

Bubble bike

Uniquely Canadian concept

Ride our special bikes. The more you peddle, the more our bikes create electricity, and then… BUBBLES! Who will make the most bubbles?

Allegorical float

To confirm.

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes will be signing autographs

  • Dufour-Lapointe sisters

The trio of skying sisters, Maxime, Chloé, and Justine became the third sister trio in the Olympic Games history to compete in the same individual event. Come and meet them!

  • Paralympic athlete – Cindy Ouellet

She became one of the few athletes in the world to compete at both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games by representing Canada in para nordic skiing and competing in the women’s wheelchair basketball Canada team.

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Meet and greet with Caillou and his friends

Along with his family and his friends, Caillou can’t wait to meet you! Four characters of the show will be there with him. Don’t miss the chance to meet them.

Together, we have fun – animation segment

Plains of Abraham – Family site from 12:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Plains of Abrahm – Edwin-Bélanger Kiosque from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Our public entertainers will be spread out across the entire site to enliven everyone throughout this special day! They will give out smiles and laughters thanks to their array of special skills!

Together, we share our art – Creative activity

Plains of Abraham – Family site from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

12:00 pm to 3:30 pm, Create your own “slime”

What is a polymer? If you are a young chemist and love slime: this is for you! Come and concoct your own slime that you can bring home with you!

Airbrush makeup

Come and get your temporary tattoo!

Creative zone

Want to play freely? Different games are offered to you in this zone where competition and time has no meaning! With friends, family, or by yourself, you can create while having fun.

Military vehicle exhibit

Everything to satisfy military vehicles fanatics. The Canadian Armed Forces will share, for the enjoyment of everyone, vehicles that they will have the chance to visit.

Together, towards the future – Historic segment

Plains of Abraham – Family site
12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Let’s learn about our past

Funny and rather historical, live a time-traveling experience in front of a Nouvelle-France resident’s home. Laughters guaranteed!

Other activities

Parks Canada

Free admission

Artillery Park

Fortifications of Québec

10 am to 5 pm
The Artillery Park bears witness to two and a half centuries of military history in Québec City. Take a look at this important architectural heritage. For the entire family.

This unique artefact, who was intended for British military authorities,
offers an outstanding illustration of the urban and military layout
of Québec City in the early 19th century.

The fortifications are full of secrets. An enchanted bracelet and a magic sword have allegedly been concealed there… Can you find to whom they belong? Can you solve the mystery of the walls? Challenges, games and puzzles await.

Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux

9 am to 6 pm

Major decisions that have marked the history of North America were made in this component of the fortifications.
The captivating activities on offer will immerse you in the world of Château Saint-Louis.

Archaeological dig

Children and adults alike will be charged with a mission of utmost importance: find traces of the past. Armed with shovels and trowels, dig up the soil to unearth artifacts from another era.

Together, we share – World zone

Plains of Abraham – Family site

From 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

World zone

Come and meet the World. Travel through the heart and soul of Canada and meet several amazing communities that forms our great country.

Participating organisations:

  • Centre R.I.R.E 2000
  • Collectif culturel Mondo
  • Voice of English – speaking Québec
  • Djembé Québec
  • La Capoeira Québec
  • La Maison Andicha – Les Femme au Tambour de Wendake
  • DIY workshop – Wendat crafts with La Maison Andicha
  • SOIT

Together, in unison – evening show

Plains of Abraham – Kiosque Edwin-Bélanger
8:00 pm

King Melrose

King Melrose will impress you with his talent, his contagious energy, his extravagance, and his unique flair. Since his first appearance onto the music scene of Québec, the singer-songwriter became a master in creating tunes that are timeless. With a new groove blending pop and soul, he succeeded to charm the people of Québec. King Melrose launched his first namesake album in 2014. The song Sauve-moi de toi gets him on the radio and since then, he never ceases to produce successful records. In 2015, he launched his second album Bleu and becomes number 1 on the charts with Tentation, Ça se danse, and Ne me laisse pas tomber. He is constantly solicited to be on the radio, to perform, and to offer his music for popular television shows. We call him to open for Francis Cabrel and Carla Bruni when they perform in Quebec.

Together, we celebrate! – Fireworks

Plains of Abraham – Terrasse Grey
10:00 pm


To wrap up this special day, a show that is magical and that has a rallying effect: flamboyant fireworks.


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